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The Mindflow360 Team


Cristina Rhoads

CEO & Founder 
Integrative Health Coach
Certified Yoga Instructor

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Sam Rhoads, DPT, CEAS

Physical Therapist
Ergonomic Specialist

Mindflow Dynamics Coach


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Cristina Rhoads

Integrative Health Coach, Yoga Instructor, & Ergonomic Expert

Cristina completed her Biology & Pre-Medical studies while serving as a the Chair Peer Health Educator at the University of Washington - Bothell. Upon graduation, she went abroad to Zambia, learning from local Health Educators and Non-Profit leaders how to engage communities in HIV/AIDS prevention and empowerment past the social stigmas.

Equipped with a better understanding of autonomy necessary for others to thrive in their health, and hungry to continue serving in grassroots efforts, she returned home to continue crafting health and wellness curriculum at the University, while serving at two Seattle-based nonprofits dedicated to global causes: social & racial justice for incarcerated folks and language/leadership training for underprivileged students. It was during her internship with Yoga Behind Bars, which brings yoga & meditation classes to those incarcerated in the PNW, that she became inspired to pursue Yoga Teacher Training and learn how hold a safe space for others, as her colleagues had been doing for folks behind bars. 

During the year-long teacher training at the Center for Yoga of Seattle, she moved into working in pediatric clinical research. She continued this role for 5+ years, helping develop an app for adolescent health behavior screening and personalized feedback. Here, she also uncovered Alternative & Complimentary modalities used with patients, such as Biofeedback, to create a safe space and awareness of mind-body connection for improving symptoms and psychosomatic manifestations.

After years of indecision and the silence that one can only experience through a 10-day Vipassana Meditation retreat, it became clear that pursuing medical school was not the authentic path for her to uphold her mission. Encouraged to pursue a path that resonates with working with clients and patients through an intentional and value-based connection, she completed the Duke University Integrative Medicine Professional Health Coaching Foundational Program in 2019.

Following this, Mindflow360 sprouted - to create and hold a safe space for others to explore and expand into their optimal health and well-being.

Through empowering inner connection with oneself for healing, mindful movement, and a combination of natural health & Western healing modalities, Mindflow360 serves as the vessel for her most passionate work to be shared with others.

Mindflow360 was founded in 2020 to nurture this mission, and now, amidst pandemic quarantine, Cristina is enrolled to complete her training and Certification through Duke University. She continues research with a non-profit devoted to empowering individuals with wearable technology and is always keen to applying this data-driven skill to her practice.

When she's not connecting with others or training for a long distance trail or triathlon race with her life partner, Sam, you can find her marveling at nature with her camera lens or nestled up in a comfy nook journaling.


Sam Rhoads, DPT, CEAS

Licensed Physical Therapist, Ergonomic Expert & Mindflow360 Dynamics Coach

Sam has always been driven to optimize my abilities while harnessing the passion and enjoyment for the gift we have to simply 'be.'  When working with him, you’ll discover fundamental tools and hone in on the "why" of your journey by connecting through an energetic, understanding, and patient communication style.

Sam believes that practice is not meant to be over complicated and that consistency is key.

Over the years, he has worked with various groups and individuals, from coaching at the middle school level to presenting ergonomic training seminars for large corporations. Success in your work together is not driven by achieving certain results, though those will remain important for metrics, but rather by how you feel about the results you do achieve, how the journey to get there goes, and where you are able to go from there.​

In his personal time, Sam maintains his enthusiasm for exercise by training and performing in long distance triathlons and trail running events. He is also passionate about creating music with his bandmate and always looking for his next opportunity for a bike touring or city exploratory adventure with his life partner, Cristina.  

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