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It's time to find your flow with running. 

Whether you're looking to improve your performance, reduce injury risk, or you're here to figure out how to love running, we've got you covered!

Running Up

Featured Package: 
Running & Performance 


This Optimization Package is for you if:

- You are looking to discover your passion and ability with running without rearranging your already busy schedule and lifestyle

- You have ever experienced set backs from past running injuries or deflated motivation and are seeking professional and skilled guidance to get you over those hurdles

- You want to improve upon your past running performance through expert guidance and curated programming

- You want to ensure the longevity of your running career through proper performance and routine 

- You want to focus on all components of the running lifestyle and find your flow and balance in it all

Running Flow is discovered when proper preparation meets effective action.

Urban Running

What You'll Get:

- 45 Minute Running & Performance Assessment and Consultation ($199 value) 

- Personalized Running Plan ($199 value)

- Custom Injury Prevention Plan ($149 value)

- Performance Optimization Guides  ($99 value) 

- 1:1 in-person Coaching Sessions (4) ($600 value)

- 1:1 virtual Coaching Check-In Calls (4) ($300 value) 

- Access to the Mindflow360 Training Library ($200 value)

- Text/Email Access to Coaches

BONUS: Mindflow360 Optimization Starter Pack for Runners (includes resistance bands, release ball, kinesiotape samples, and electrolyte samples)

Running Up

That's $1746+ of value for our Optimization Package Price of $349

Image by Samule Sun

$349 to optimize your training, reduce your risk of injuries, discover your flow, & stay set up for a future of success.

A Package for any Stage of Running

Whether you're the independent type whose just looking for an expert  plan to follow independently or looking for a trained eye to provide feedback and guidance,  our packages are designed to fit any lifestyle and any level of engagement preference.

Looking for other convenient, budget-friendly & no-contact solutions?

Email us your workstation photos & we'll provide our expert review.


Foundational Package: 
Email-based Ergonomic Assessment
Price: $58

Includes: Expert review and email-based communication with adjustments and ergonomic recommendations based on our workflow questionnaire and your workstation photos.


Signature Package:

Email-based Ergonomic Assessment, Discomfort Prevention Plan & Customized Equipment List

Price: $98

Includes: Foundational Package + a Physical Therapy based routine for ergonomic-related discomfort prevention & a Customized Equipment Recommendations List based on your unique needs & work routine.

Tools We Recommend

Our Personal Office Favorites

These are our personal favorites and recommended ergonomic workspace tools. 

If you would like to support us and our mission, using the links below will provide us with Amazon Affiliate compensation upon your purchase of any recommended items. 

We are always here to answer questions you may have about these tools and how we can guide your workspace optimization!

Get started with our DIY eGuide on Remote Workstation Ergonomics

We created this guide to provide you with a way to get started with a self-assessment of your current workstation and guidance on modifications to make for proper set up. Included are ways to prevent and manage discomforts with optimization techniques and a collection of recommended physical therapy stretches.

MINDFLOW360 DIY Ergonomics Guide v2020 (1).png

DIY eGuide $38

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