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You want to improve your well-being.

You want more energy & motivation to reach your goals.

You want to sustain positive lifestyle changes with less stress.

Welcome, lovely optimizer. 

Yoga Group

Our Wellness Services

Holistic offerings to optimize your self & your team


Integrative Health Coaching

Connect with an accountability partner to align your habits and reach health goals to sustain a nourished life.


Corporate Wellness & Ergonomics

Boost productivity and ensure proper ergonomics with custom wellness programs and virtual workstation assessments.


Movement, Dynamics & Physical Therapy

Build a toolkit of essential injury prevention exercises and/or individualized physical therapy to increase strength and musculoskeletal longevity.

Online Yoga

Yoga, Breathwork & Meditation

Enhance flexibility and alchemize the mind-body connection through the guidance and wisdom of ancient mindful practices like yoga & holotropic breathing.

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Get your free holistic sleep hygiene guide

Create a daily & nightly routine to catch more Z's with these natural, science-based tips!

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We focus on nourishing alignment in life, not balance.


Did you know that 80% of lifestyle habits and behaviors we establish by our teen years can predict our health outcomes as adults?

You didn't choose the cards you were dealt when you first arrived into this lifetime. This includes your biological make-up, childhood experiences, & home environment. These were not choices in your control to make.

However, now, YOU are in control of YOUR choices.

You choose which habits and mind patterns you will carry on and which ones will be shed. You control how far you will allow the process of change to expand.

We are here to guide & root you on every step of the way.

Mindflow360 was established to provide expert tools, health education and mindfulness-based behavior change consultation in order to support transforming health-risking habits into nourishing optimal wellness in adult life.

Branch in a Glass Jar

Are you ready to

increase motivation?

gain accountability?

build confidence?

become consistent in routine?

have more energy, strength & flexibility?

reduce stress & feel centered?


In our individualized programs, you'll obtain the critical tools and personalized systems needed to align, make moves, and sustain momentum for your well-being. Our coaching seamlessly combines evidence-based lifestyle medicine & health education with the behavior change process.

Let's create a roadmap to your optimal wellness

About Us

Hi, I'm Cristina, Founder of Mindflow360. It's lovely to have you here. I'm a wellness strategy coach for individuals who want to align their lifestyle habits to sustain momentum for more energy, joy, and (mind)flow. Learn more about my team & how working with us will nourish your life.


To be happy, successful, and secure, we must first learn to see ourselves and the world as they truly are and should then shape our everyday activities in keeping with this view. We must also look for solutions to our problems in terms of the relationship of cause and effect, for the universal law of causality operates in the field of human behavior as much as it does in the physical world.

Robert Bogoda

Disclaimer: All information, content and material are for informational purposes only and are not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare provider.

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