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Root & Shelter-in-Place

Our lives have shifted collectively across the globe from the COVID-19 pandemic and its seeping effects. We see you. It’s time to ground into this new space and build a nourishing routine for yourself, holistically. We've put together a collection of our best tools to help you take on each day with grace as we move through this together.

build your toolkit

We're not here to tell you to wash your hands & meditate the angst out as a quick-fix. But we know building upon certain practices can benefit you greatly and we hope that these tools inspire you to create the structure that works best for you in this time. We've put together our nuggets of wisdom and insight for taking on powerful options to the empower your mind-body-spirit and the cultivation of resilience to persist through this pandemic wholesomely. 

Please reach out to us if you have any additional requests. 

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At-Home Workstation Assessment

Give your at-home workstation a tune-up with our quick guide & personalized assessments.

root-into-routine workbook

Take control of these uncertain times by shifting into a helpful routine. This workbook session will guide you through a process for identifying the structure to support your productivity and creativity.

Get Started
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Nutritional Cooking

meal prep toolbox

Hone into the nourishing practice of cooking, baking and meal-prepping. We've compiled example grocery lists & menus for quick & simple meal prep sessions. Options range across the plant-based spectrum, from vegan to non-vegetarian.

Take a Peak

mindflow meditation hub

Check out all things meditation & mindfulness-based to calm your mind and connect with your breath. Sit with us for a session or read about our recommended resources and zen hacks.

Ocean Rocks
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